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Respite Services

The success of the individuals and relief of the families are our top priority.

Respite is an “indirect service” that provides temporary relief from the demands of caregiving of those who are responsible for the primary care and support of an individual with a developmental disability.

Unique Life Inc. provides three main types of Respite Care: After Day, Weekend & In-Home Respite.

  • After Day usually meets in the afternoons from 3pm to 6pm.
  • Our Weekend unit is a unique department that provides weekend relief to families. The staffs are highly qualified and intelligent bilingual professionals concerned about the values and needs of individuals with special needs. We help all the individual under our care to live a joyful, quality, meaningful and productive lives by assisting them to maximize their potentials whiles their families also get some relief after week-long taking care of them after work. The program operates on both Saturdays and Sundays and focusses on engaging the individuals to improve upon their social skills through events and recreational activities.
  • In-Home care comes with a certified personal care assistant that is responsible for taking care of the individual in the comfort of their own home. This is mainly for families or advocates that deserves a short break from their daily caregiving duties.