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When a child is diagnosed with an Intellectual disability, parents are often being confronted with a varied range of difficulties and emotional anxieties. Parents involvement with a child with special needs can impede upon their daily living responsibility including their career which can also engineer parental stress as well as a discomfort for the individuals involved.

This is where Unique life Inc Day Habilitation program comes in. The Day program is a well-organized and essential department of Unique Life Inc that helps individuals with special needs achieve and improve upon specific skills of their choice. Our Day program offers broad intervention strategies which the staffs design methods and procedures that follows the individuals and their families/advocate specific concerns.

The program holds the understanding that can lead to a change in parental stress and their children to reach their maximum goals of choice. We facilitate a thoughtful discussion with the individuals that promote their visions with its implementation.

In a nutshell, the day program is primarily about the individual’s life cycle. How their independence and future is built on various skills that include,

(A) Work Readiness Skills: this is where the individuals participate in community volunteerism that includes a soup kitchen, and public libraries.

The day program also involves themselves in community inclusion activities by making trips to museums, theaters to watch movies, Nintendo world, sports time U.S.A, Bowling and other exciting places.

(B) Community Awareness and Socialization Skills: This allows the individuals to visit different malls and places to enable them to integrate well into the community.

(c) The staffs also engage the individuals on other goals including and not limited to

  • Money management skills
  • Improving attention to a task
  • Academic skills such as reading, writing, and Math

The Individuals and their families can also choose goals of their choice and Day Habilitation staff would be assigned to work with the individuals to achieve chosen goal. Enroll into Unique Life Day Habilitation Program and all your expectations would be met.