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Community Habilitation

Our vision is your choice of independence and productivity.

Our community Habilitation unit is an essential arm of Unique Life Inc that is exceptionally committed to assisting persons with special needs to have access to a wide range of support and Services in New York City.

The Community Habilitation department provide one on one care for our individuals to promote opportunities that will allow their individualized choice, self-actualization and most fundamentally, community integration in their social environment. The individual’s success is our priority. Our trained and qualified community Habilitation staffs establish a unique style of helping the individual achieve their planned goals. The Community Habilitation department also works to advance the independence and productivity of the individuals preparing them to handle well their daily living skills.

The services offered by our Community Habilitation department includes:

  • Activities of daily living skills
  • Money management
  • Socialization skills
  • Independent living
  • Community safety awareness
  • Community integration
  • Communications skills
  • Travel training

The Community Habilitation staffs and the parents/advocates develop, reviews and monitor the individual Community Habilitation service Plans to reflect the varied needs, choices and favorites of the individual every six months that is often, been initiated and executed by departmental staffs.