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Care Coordination Department

Please note:

As of July 1st, 2018, our Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) service, previously used to coordinate services for people with developmental disabilities, was replaced by Health Home Care Management provided by Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs).

Health Home Care Management services are provided by Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs) to assist people with developmental disabilities and their families in gaining access to services and supports appropriate to their needs. Health Home Care Management services are designed to:

  • Provide comprehensive, person-centered care planning using a network of care managers and providers (team approach);
  • Provide enhanced coordination and integration of primary and behavioral health services as well as access to medical and dental services.
  • Identify community based resources and make connections to community services and supports, housing, social services, and family services; and
  • Use technology to link all services.


The Care Managers help the individuals with intellectual disability and their families/advocates in applying for Medicaid sponsored services to enable them to start OPWDD authorized waiver and non-waiver services through front door application. The Care Managers coordinate with the front door facilitators at OPWDD in support of the individuals. They help the organization and coordinate the activities of the individuals including making referrals for medicals assessments, Psychological and Psychosocial evaluations, for recreational and education services, counseling services and other emergencies as needed by the individuals. The Care Coordinators also assist the individuals with obtaining Residential Housing and Day Habilitation Programs, amongst others as well. Most fundamentally, the Care Managers make follow-ups to ensure that all referrals are executed accordingly.

The Care Managers also develop, review and monitor the “I am assessment” and the Life Plans (LP) in order to reflect the varying needs, choices and safeguards of the individual.

The CCOs that Unique Life Inc. is affiliated with are Tri-county Care and Care Design.

If you need further assistance with other Care Management services, please feel free to contact us at 347-449-7890 or for more information.