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A Message from Our Executive Director

Unique Life Inc; provides the tools needed to help every individual reach the goals set to help them learn and better interact with their community. We provide individuals with a wide range of comprehensive concepts and understanding of the essential aspects of person-centered supports and the quality of being involved in our coordinated services. We stress their boundaries, rules, expectations, and activities to help them join their community in evolving.   We assist in maintaining the proper equilibrium of the individual daily for the future. The systems we have in place at Unique Life Inc; categorize the individuals required task of personal interest in helping them achieve the necessary knowledge, perspective, and attitude to become useful toward their road map to success.

  • Serve all our individuals with integrity
  • Help our individuals get to and from their destinations
  • Provide the support and tools needed to help them socialize within their community

We do our best to provide relief services for all our individuals and families.


  • Daily Living Skills
  • Money Management
  • Socialization Skills
  • Independent Living
  • Community Safety Awareness
  • Community Integration
  • Communication Skills
  • Travel Training


Unique Life Inc. is built on the concept of person-centered planning, setting goals, and improving the quality of life for our individuals. Through enrichment programs, structured activities, volunteer work and more. We provide our individuals with a variety of resources that will allow them to live a meaningful and integrated life within their community.